About this site

This website allows us to quickly and easily celebrate our successes at Smart Academy. It’s VERY easy to update and add new information.

It also allows us to access everything else we need to get to. Log in with your smartpass, and you get access to all your web tools such as realsmart and Google Apps.

We all know that websites can just sit there and do nothing and not change. We have no excuses with this one!

Good websites are never ‘finished’ so please keep thinking about what we can add to the site. Are you doing anything interesting that you want to share with everyone? Let us know by adding it to the website.

If you are a teacher, you can start adding content immediately. We have to moderate everything that goes on the website, so see Alan the Technician if you need something to go live straight away.

As a student, speak to a teacher and they will tell you how to add stuff.

I hope you like your new website!

…and if you don’t, change it !!!

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