You can write an essay, or….

There are loads of web apps that you can use to show teachers what you know.

Use realsmart to record and show what you know through:

  • blogs and podcasts
  • simple websites
  • mind maps / concept maps / graphical organiser
  • learning passports
  • self assessed portfolios

Remember, all of the above can be collaborative (you can create and / or add to them together as a group if you want)

Go to to find out how to use it. It’s really easy.

Or try these below (remember to log in or register using your smartpass):

  • Pixlr – image editing (similar to photoshop),  (SSO)
  • LinoIt – PostIt notes with media (smartpass)
  • SpicyNodes – interactive presentations (smartpass)
  • Voki – make an avatar and give them a voice!
  • Prezi – present ideas as the big picture, then zoom in to the detail!
  • WallWisher – collect all your ideas together on your wall
  • Comix – make a comic from what you know
  • MuseumBox – collect items together to put forward ideas, or to represent times/places/people
  • Wordle – represent ideas as a word cloud
  • GoAnimate – create animations!
  • VoiceThread – collaborative conversations around media (SSO coming soon!)
  • Glogster – highly visual, interactive posters
  • Wevideo – video editor and publisher (SSO)
  • Soundcloud – record and publish audio (SSO)
  • Pixton – create and share comic strips (SSO)
  • Codecademy – learn to code (SSO)
  • eduCanon – present questions on YouTube videos
  • Khan Academy – thousands of online lessons in Maths and Science (SSO)

remember, if you create something in the above apps, most will let you embed the results in realsmart. This makes it easy for your teachers to see them.

If you find something else that you think is great, add a comment to this post and share it with us!

Engaging Web Content

We can create really engaging content for our website and other places like in realsmart, or our intranet using various “web apps”.

Web Apps are websites that allow you to create things, and then “embed” them where you want them to appear.

You can access web apps in different ways:

  • Through our smartpass Single Sign On (eg Aviary)
  • By using your smartpass Google or OpenID account (eg wallwisher)
  • By creating an account using your smartpass username / email address
  • By using the school accounts for website content (teachers only)

Teachers wanting to use the school accounts, please see Alan the Technician.

See the posts below for ideas of different web apps you can use, and how you can use them.

We use the following apps, but feel free to use what you want: