Special Thanks

We would like to thank the following schools for their support and ideas in helping us achieve our vision.

Aston Manor School

Aston Manor, are one of our very best users of realsmart. Their innovative school wide use of realsmart has helped us develop our understanding of schools needs and their willingness to share best practice has added to our community and our case study videos.

Campsmount Technology College

Campsmount is a very special place indeed! After the school was tragically destroyed in a fire less than one year ago the school had to rebuild its community from the ground up. realsmart was lucky enough to help the school harness the power of the internet to do just this.

Cramlington Learning Village

A visit to Cramlington helped provide realsmart’s creator with the ideas for our first tool, rafl.  Derek Wise’s vision and leadership built what we think is probably the best school in the world. Derek said “great head teachers have their feet on the floor and their head in the clouds”.

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